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Golden Blend

For the love of caffeine…

Blending chicory with coffee is always a favourable method for those who want to lower the content of caffeine and don’t compromise on taste. Chicory has been used as an additive for coffee for decades. However, maintaining the perfect ratio is very crucial to brew the perfectly balanced cup every time. This is why we created Jayanthi Golden Blend coffee for those who love the kick of caffeine in the morning to get started with the day. 

For the love of caffeine…

Jayanthi Coffee brings you the dream filter coffee blend as our signature Golden Blend. Made with 85% pure coffee mix of handpicked Arabica and Robusta coffee with 15% of high quality ground chicory. For coffee lovers across the nation, we bring the pleasure of South Indian Coffee’s purest blends at the most affordable prices. 

Our Secret

Mastering the art of making coffee for more than 71 years, we have perfected the flavours and blends of our coffee immensely. Unlike many other filter coffee brands that use a lower percentage of pure coffee, Jayanthi Coffee sets itself apart by using a higher ratio of 85% pure coffee and 15% chicory in our signature Golden blend, resulting in a smooth and rich flavour that is unmatched in the market today. Jayanthi Golden Blend contains a ratio that was never seen before, it’s truly a treat for all coffee connoisseurs. Blended in a perfect ratio of 85% Pure ground coffee and 15% Ground Chicory, this amazing combination resulted by excellent grinding process will take your tastebuds on a flavorful and aromatic ride of joy with every sip.

Most popular South Indian Coffee, for the entire nation

Apart from our Golden Blend coffee powder, we have plenty of different options available with distinct ratios of coffee-chicory. Our wide assortment of coffee blends is created by keeping in mind the different caffeine requirements as per the preferences of our diverse customer base. Some customers prefer a stronger caffeine kick to jump start their day, while others prefer a milder option for a more gradual boost. By considering these individual preferences, we strive to offer a range of coffee blends that cater to every taste and caffeine need.

For coffee lovers who want a unique and delicious coffee experience, Jayanthi Coffee’s Golden Blend is definitely worth a try!

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