Jayanthi Coffee

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About Us

Who We Are

For us...“made well” matters!

How do you like your Coffee to be? Strong, mild, light, or dark…. We have been fascinated with the multiplicity of responses and the truth is we are still exploring the possibilities of satiating the diverse demands of every coffee lover. Jayanthi Coffee is our family-owned business; we are enthusiastic about our profession and have perfected the art of brewing a rejuvenating cup for more than three generations now. Aditya Mysore Nagesh, is a third-generation entrepreneur who has continued to invest in this business with equal dedication and is a Green Coffee Supplier, Roaster and Cupper himself.

Our Coffee processing and roasting unit is in the heartland of Coffee; Chikkamagaluru, a place where Indian coffee has originated. Chikkmagaluru, in the Bababudangiri mountain range of the Western Ghats is at the heart of the growing coffee culture in India. Coffee grown at high altitudes under the dense forest canopy makes for a full-bodied, pleasant cup of speciality coffee. The blends of coffee that we prepare are from the finest assorted beans sourced from Coorg and Chikkamagaluru.

Why Jayanthi Coffee?

We treat coffee obsession...

Coffee heritage, is not just a theme but is a reality that we have lived since the early 1950s, building on our expertise in bringing the finest naturally grown coffee from the farm to cup. Over the years our team of experts have developed an impressive range of blends that are available across India through our robust distribution network.

We also provide value added services and undertake private labelling for roasted and ground coffee.


To promote indigenously grown coffee and build a sustainable supply chain for making coffee the favourite beverage of every Indian household.

Chain of well-being

Journey to the cup.
What goes between the cup and the lip is the long journey of the bean. We believe in making each step of our supply chain equitable, sustainable, and beneficial for all stakeholders. We call it the chain of well-being.


Our proximity to growing regions and long-standing relationship with farming community makes us a close-knit family of like-minded people working towards similar objectives of sustainable farming and responsible sourcing committed to bringing excellence in a cup. This helps in building an organic eco-system.


We have a dedicated team of roasters who are obsessed with their selection of the finest beans for the fine dark roast that determines the flavours in a cup. Our meticulous quality assurance and astute sense of taste assures you have brewed the best we have to offer. We invest in German made Energy Efficient Probat roasters.


We believe, love for coffee is universal and can bring people together. We believe in inclusive growth and as a socially responsible company are promoting café’ culture to connect the coffee family. Our Cafés unite people over their love for coffee through the gathers arranged.