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Our Products

Coffee Powder – Filter coffee

Indian Filter coffee…! There is a strong tradition in southern India to drink a type of filter coffee with milk known as Filter Kaapi or Filter Coffee. The Indian filter coffee is always mixed with milk and is known by several names according to the region of consumption and cultivation, for example, Madras coffee, Kumbakonam coffee, Mylapore coffee, and Mysore coffee.

Jayanthi filter Coffees are of an exclusive blend of premium roast and ground coffee. The green beans are specially handpicked from high grown altitude plantations to provide finest and highest quality coffee beans. They have undergone various experiments and trials from over generations to find the right recipes and blends in compliance with our consumer’s taste. We Aim to provide finest quality coffee.


Coffee Powder – Black coffee

We value farms that focus on meticulous processing to produce outstanding coffees and source the best quality coffee beans from them. We pay a premium for these coffee beans and promote sustainable practice. Jayanthi coffees have profound natural flavour characteristics. We recommend you to enjoy them black. 


Roasted Beans

Our main strength is in sourcing the highest quality coffee beans and roasting them to perfection using the best PROBAT Coffee Roasters. The PROBAT coffee roaster is used to not just roasting coffee but to offer the flavour profile that customers need.

Royal Queen Tea

Ek cup chai hojaye? Upgrade your skills while having a steaming hot cup of chai to keep company. For those who are Not Coffee Lovers we offer you our best quality tea to buy.

Coffee Blossom Honey

This all-natural, raw coffee blossom honey is made by bees collecting nectar from the flowers of coffee plants. It is the sweet bonus from bee pollination and is growing in popularity. It is medium sweet with a very pleasant caramel flavour. It does not taste like coffee, but the honey does contain a small amount of caffeine which is present in the coffee blossom nectar. Try some coffee blossom honey in your morning coffee!!

Spices – Pepper and Cardamom

The history of spices in India dates back thousands of years, making it the “Spice Bowl of the World”. No Indian dinner would be complete without them, and no tale about the subcontinent would be complete. We source the best export quality spices directly from best planters


Life is too short for bad coffee. For each coffee drinker, a “good” cup of coffee means something different.  Coffee lovers may enjoy anything ranging from a lighter-bodied to a cup of dark, almost chewy Truckstop coffee. We provide with the best quality brewing equipment and accessories, so choose your equipment to buy for your preferred cup of coffee..!!